IMG_3770Cindy Serrano is a recent graduate of HSU with a B.A. in English. Her time there was defined by the breath-taking and life-affirming friendships she made while working at HSU’s Writing Studio and 4 AM runs to Don’s Donuts. She plans on continuing her education in English composition and pedagogy, with a special interest in the application of resistant discourses in academia. Additionally, she aspires to someday follow in the footsteps of Mindy Kaling and create, write, produce, and star in her own tv show, with the intention of diversifying the entertainment industry, while bringing attention to positive representations of women and people of color on screen. Her hobbies include reading, writing, expanding her library, watching unhealthy amounts of television and developing her obsession with K-pop. And as you can tell, she loves the particular Snapchat filter featured above. Read more here.